Argo Machine Tools Inc.

Address: 6865 Bombardier St.
Saint-Lonard, QC H1P 3A1

Mailling Address: 6865 Bombardier St.
Saint-Lonard, QC H1P 3A1

Phone: (514) 325-4524

Fax: (514) 325-0145

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Argo Machine Tools Inc.

Argo Machine Tools Inc. was established in the year 1947 and
today, remains one of the oldest Screw Machine Shops in the
region of Quebec. We currently manufacture products for several
well-established companies throughout Canada, as well as the
United States.

Argo Machine Tools Inc. is a manufacturer of custom precision
screw machine and CNC products, capable of working with a
variety of materials such as various grades of steel, stainless
steel, aluminium, brass, plastics, exotic materials, etc. We
also specialize in high volume production. With our team of
experienced individuals. all of whom are highly trained and
qualified, we provide our clientel with an excellent and
efficient service. We take great pride in our ability to
produce a finished product of excellence, as well as meeting
demands on specific time requirements. We offer our customers
our assurance of a quality service and competetive pricing.

Over the past several years, Argo Machine Tools Inc. has stepped
up in the world of CNC Technology which has enabled us to meet a
greater variety of our customer requirements. The future means
advancement in technology, and we at Argo are always in search
of new methods and techniques which would enable us to increase
productivity. Our fully equipped Inspection Department along
with its team of highly qualified Inspectors, perform in-process
and final inspection procedures to ensure the quality
conformance of all our products.

Company Details

Year Established: 1947

Total Sales ($CDN): $200,000 - $500,000

Number of Employees: 50

Company Information

Debbie Pechousek
Title: Representative
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (514) 325-4524
Fax: (514) 325-0145


Custom Precision Screw Machine & Cnc Products