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Water treatment for hospital, commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Specialties: cooling towers, hot water line, pools, boilers, point of use water coolers, electronic descaling, reverse osmosis, disinfection

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Year Established: 2005

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Alain Berrouard
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Telephone: (819) 884-1131
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Copper-silver Ionization

Quantum 1000
Point of use water coolers. That system treat and refrigerate muncipal water to eliminate bad odor and taste, chlorine and chlorine by-products. No bottle to buy, to store or to carry.

Electronic water softener to eliminate scaling problems. Reduce needs for soap and eliminate scale accumulation. Economical solution for plants (hydroponic).


Potable And Process Water Treatment AquaSeaulutions provide a full product line for: disinfection, reverse osmosis, arsenic, iron, manganese, hardness, etc.