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Alouette Canada

ALOUETTE AMUSEMENT CANADA INC. was founded by its President,
Gerry O'Reilly, in 1956. Since its beginning, ALOUETTE has been
a major player in all aspects of the amusement and gaming
industry in Canada.
As Canada's foremost distributor of coin-operated amusement
devices, ALOUETTE is now in the position to capitalize on the
trend of Governments to generate needed revenues through the
legislation of various types of gaming.
ALOUETTE's distribution of the industry staples such as jukeboxes,
billiard tables and video games will continue to be a contri-
buting factor to ALOUETTE's solid foundation.
The advent of government sponsored gaming will provide ALOUETTE
with new markets and a more diversified customer base.
ALOUETTE has not confined itself to its domestic market and has
for many years supplied coin-operated machines to such areas
as Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam,Lebanon, Cyprus, Romania,
Hungary, Poland and Yugoslavia.
With the increasing awareness of these countries as to the
viability of coin-operated machines, ALOUETTE will capitalize
on the increasing global demand for its products.
The ALOUETTE Group has over the last ten years been Canada's
foremost operator of amusement centers.
With the purchase of the Starcade and Amusecor chain of amusement
centers in 1983 and 1990, ALOUETTE Group remodelled the stores
and reopened them under its existing FUN WORLD chain.
Our FUN WORLD stores have become synonymous with family enter-
tainment for children of all ages. Our family oriented stores
have proven to be just as popular with shopping center developers
as with community interest groups.
The market for inexpensive adult recreation has created a new-
found demand for upscale billiard centers an attractive alterna-
The newfound popularity of billiard centers will also be a
contributing factor in making ALOUETTE GROUP's sale of billiard
tables in 1993 an all time record high.
The ALOUETTE GROUP's involvement in the carnival industry began
in 1977 with the introduction of novel pusher type machines which
proved to be increasingly popular throughout the United States
and Eastern Canada.
ALOUETTE GROUP establised extensive operations in fairs and
expositions in the United States, relying on its new products
and hands-on management to assure optimum revenues and exposures.
Recognizing the demand for quality rides, ALOUETTE GROUP became
active in the leasing and operation of large rides which are
operated in theme parks and midways in the United States.
A natural progression of our North American operations was to
form a consortium of ride owners in order to develop an interna-
tional market for this type of equipment.
ALOUETTE GROUP played a leading part in establishing world fairs
in such countries such as Venezuela, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.
ALOUETTE GROUP continues to play an active role in several
facets of the outdoor amusement industry and projects future
growth through its exposure to new world markets.
The ALOUETTE GROUP is unquestionably the largest operator of
coin-operated amusement devices in Canada. With branch offices
in several Central and Eastern Canadian cities, the ALOUETTE
GROUP has been able to sustain continual growth by adapting
to the market changes in each province.
The ALOUETTE GROUP's dominance in supplying jukeboxes, darts,
billiard tables, and video poker has provided ALOUETTE GROUP with
the stability and strength required in an ever changing market-
ALOUETTE GROUP's distributing agreement with companies such as
Zellers, Perrette, Woolco, Couche Tard and Beckers has earned
its reputation as an astute business organization.
ALOUETTE GROUP's vigourous and central monitoring systems permit
the ALOUETTE GROUP to extend its resources to its utmost, yet
retain the control and accountability characteristic of good
ALOUETTE GROUP's principles of dedicated work, hands-on mana-
gement and central administration have proven to be a winning
The ALOUETTE GROUP's is 'on target'.
In the last five years, ALOUETTE has witnessed a feverish growth
in several gaming areas:
- Indian Gaming & Casinos
- Eastern Europe - Casinos
- Middle East Asia - Casinos and Video Pokers
- Riverboat Gambling - Miss.
- Off Track Betting
ALOUETTE, in keeping with its global marketing strategy, targeted
the gaming sector most suitable to its management structure.
The growing stability of the Middle East and Asia prompted the
opening of a casino in Beirut and Saigon. The operation of a
pari-mutuel system for the Lebanese horse racing industry
operations in Lebanon.
In addition, our involvement with video poker games in Rumania,
Poland, Germany and the former Yugoslavia has also given ALOUETTE
a more global experience in the amusement and gaming industry.
Our gaming expertise has given ALOUETTE the opportunity to work
with Canada's Native groups in an effort to establish Indian
Gaming as a viable economic stimulus for Indian reservations in
The growth of the pari-mutuel industry in North America over
the last five years has been unprecedented.
ALOUETTE will be in the forefront in Canada with the introduction
of a pari-mutuel system incorporating sports and off track
The gaming industry in Canada will experience a growth explosion
in the next five years, and ALOUETTE will play an important role
with its strong leadership and resource of experience.
ALOUETTE has traditionally been the largest distributor of coin-
operated devices in Central and Eastern Canada. The decision
of the four Atlantic Provinces to implement a video lottery
program gave ALOUETTE the opportunity to experience all facets
of the program.
The recent announcement by the Government of Quebec to put in
place its own video lottery program will once again put ALOUETTE
at the forefront of the market.
ALOUETTE's strong customer base, established reputation and
capacity to finance many of the video lottery operators will
allow ALOUETTE to remain the most active distributor in Canada.
The manufacturers of VLTs are aware that with a government ini-
tiated video lottery program, the presence of their products
must be promoted in order to obtain market share within the first
six months of the program.
As most lottery programs do not permit vertical integration, the
manufacturers must solely depend on their appointed distributors
to have a strong presence in the marketplace.
ALOUETTE will be able to acquire and maintain a market share for
the manufacturers through their studied approach to each distinc-
tive market, strong relationship and follow up with its customers
and ability to arrange financing.
We are confident that our policies and principles of distributor-
ship can be applied and adapted successfully to any video lottery
program in any area.

Company Details

Year Established: 1996

Total Sales ($CDN): $500,000 - $1,000,000

Number of Employees: 15

Company Information

Phyllis O'reilly
Title: Director
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (514) 342-9111
Fax: (514) 342-8868
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Quiz Games
Games of educational importance and impact.

Billiard Games
Wooden mfg. of table, supporting cloth covered slates.

Sport dart games, training eye and motor skills.

Family Fun Centres
Family fun centres combining all the above in a beautiful family environment.

VLT - Terminal, on computer line, bringing to the player the latest technology in sight and sound.