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ATCO Power Ltd.

ATCO Power Ltd. (formerly 'CU Power International Limited') has
established a solid reputation as a developer, project manager,
owner and operator of independent power projects. ATCO Power's
track record speaks of a proven ability to meet its clients'
energy needs using cogeneration, combined cycle and other
state-of-the-art generation technologies. It currently operates
over 1,450 MW of non-regulated generating capacity, has almost
500 MW of projects under construction and almost 1,000 MW of
projects in development.

ATCO Power Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of
CanadianUtilities Limited (''Canadian Utilities''), a major
Canadian public company and a subsidiary of ATCO Ltd. (''ATCO'').

The Alberta-based ATCO Ltd., one of Canada's premier
corporations, oversees a worldwide organization of companies
with 5,000 employees and assets exceeding $4.7 billion.

Canadian Utilities is one of Canada's largest corporations,
with total assets of almost $4.4 billion and earnings in excess
of $200million.

In the late 1980s, the ATCO Group determined that cogeneration
and independent power generation offered a strategic corporate
diversification which maximized the strengths developed both
within Canadian Utilities' traditional utility business and
within ATCO's global non-utility businesses. To achieve this
diversification, Canadian Utilities established
CUPowerInternational Limited, now ATCO Power. These
efforts have been successful, resulting in nine generation

ATCO Power's principal business is electric and thermal energy
supply. It strives to bring excellence and to add value to all
its projects, and is interested in a long-term commitment to any
endeavour. This includes an active role during a project's
development stage, in project management, during operations, and
as a significant equity investor.

ATCO Power has an excellent record of developing, project
managing and operating power plants at high levels of
availability. ATCO Power's strengths are experience in gas,
coal and diesel generating plants and small hydro installations;
an early and active involvement in major design, construction
and financing decisions; in-house engineering expertise to
configure plant design to meet clients' energy needs; a proven
ability in developing strong working relationships with co-
venturers; and strong relationships with major financial

ATCO Power commissioned its first independent power project in
1993 in Taylor, British Columbia. This 120-MW cogeneration
plant, a joint venture with Westcoast Power Inc., sells
electricity to BC Hydro under a 20-year agreement and steam to an
adjacent gas plant owned by Westcoast Energy Inc. The plant has
consistently achieved availability rates in excess of 95%.

ATCO Power is the managing owner of the 1,000 MW gas fired
combined cycle Barking power station located east of London,
ATCO Power led the project's development and was responsible for
the owners' engineering role during construction. ATCO Power's
managers are responsible for the station's operation. The
Barking station was commissioned in 1995 and since that time has
performed exceptionally well.

The Heathrow Cogeneration Plant, purchased in July 1995 by a
joint venture of ATCO Power and London Electricity plc, has a 14
MW gas fired turbine and a 40 MW boiler. It supplies electricity
and hot water to British Airports Authority plc under a 15 year

The 180-MW cogeneration plant in Osborne, South Australia was
commissioned in 1998. ATCO Power was the construction manager
of this joint venture with Boral Energy Limited. Penrice Soda
Products, Australia's sole producer of soda ash, purchases
low-cost steam from the plant. Under a long-term agreement with
ETSA Corporation, Osborne provides about ten per cent of South
Australia's electric energy.

During 1998, ATCO Power and Amoco Power Resources Corp. brought
the jointly owned 85 MW Primrose cogeneration facility onstream
at Amoco's Primrose Heavy Oil operation in northeast Alberta.
The exhaust heat and a portion of the electricity are sold to
the heavy oil recovery facility and the balance of the
electricity is sold into the Power Pool of Alberta.

In early 1998, ATCO Power was selected by the Alberta
Transmission Administrator to develop, own and operate a 43-MW
LM6000 generation and synchronous condenser project northwest of
Grande Prairie, Alberta. This was the first competitive request
for generation proposals since deregulation was initiated. The
facility was in service before year-end.

The 45 MW Rainbow Lake Cogeneration Plant began operating in
1999. The project supplies steam to a gas plant owned and
operated by Husky Oil at Rainbow Lake, 900 km north of Edmonton;
electric energy is sold into the Power Pool of Alberta.

ATCO Power, NOVA Chemicals Corporation and EPCOR Power
Development Corporation are building a 416 MW natural-gas-fired
cogeneration project to meet the substantial steam and electric
energy needs of NOVA's world-class petrochemical facility at
Joffre in central Alberta. The project, which will be
commissioned in 2000, will also sell electric power directly to
customers and into the Power Pool of Alberta.

ATCO Power and its partners, Boral and Lend Lease, are
constructing the 31 MW Bulwer Island Cogeneration Project to
serve all the electric and thermal energy needs related to the
expansion of BP's Bulwer Island refinery in Queensland,
Australia. The facility will be in service in 2000.

ATCO Power is presently involved in the development of several
other gas-fired cogeneration opportunities in Alberta, British
Columbia, Australia and the UnitedKingdom.

Company Details

Year Established: 1988

Number of Employees: 63

Company Information

John C. Gunn
Title: Senior Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (403) 209-6908
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Gary K. Bauer
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (403) 209-6903
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Barbara Mah
Title: Analyst, Bus. Dev. & HR
Telephone: (780) 420-5465
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Gerry. Welsh
Title: Manager
Telephone: (403) 209-6930
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