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AMS will help you navigate your way through the complex and
sometimes intimidating product development process by managing
any and all of the following elements:

1. Initial evaluation
2. Concept development
3. Identify the Industry Need
4. Build a Business Case
5. Design review and airworthiness compliance program development
6. Prototype Development
7. Testing and Certification
8. Marketing and Sales Distribution
9. Production
10. Installation kit development
11. Technical documentation

AMS will Manage the project from concept to production and help
take it through from prototype to production unit using our
dedicated staff and with the help of our associated companies to
assure that your product meets the highest level of quality and
certification. Services include:

- Concept design
- Concept drawings and renderings
- Airworthiness engineering and design approval process
- Aircraft prototype installations
- Kit and component fabrication
- Packaging and parts fabrication certification
- Marketing and Distribution

Company Details

Company Information

Derek Taylor
Title: Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (403) 250-9956
Fax: (403) 291-9717
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Chantell Wood
Title: Marketing Assistant
Area of Responsibility: Administrative Services, Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (403) 250-9956
Fax: (403) 291-9717
Email: Click Here

Kurt Kolb
Title: Vice President
Telephone: (403) 250-9956
Email: Click Here


Aeronautical Products

Aeronautical Product Development
Flight data reporting systems, ice detection systems, warning systems, remote sensing,


Aircraft Maintenance Training Aircraft familiarization training, preparation of training manuals, airworthiness, systems training

Aircraft Maintenance Corporate aircraft maintenance and troubleshooting, aircraft recovery services, remote sensing aircraft operations support (maintenance), avionics modifications, special purpose aircraft modifications.